The best thing to happen to meat since fire. This sauce elevates the flavor of beef or pork without overpowering or over sweetening. You can throw all the other BBQ sauces in the garbage, this is the only one you'll ever want again. Try it!

Stillwater, MN




24 years ago I sponsored a barbecue cook-off competition at my seafood store. My friend dug his grandma's recipe out of the old dusty cupboard, entered the contest.....and took 1st place ! We've been enjoying that special blend ever since. It goes on everything from beef to pork to chicken, on eggs and in all sandwiches. It's awesome.......we just can't wait for the" purse and pocket" version to come out we we can enhance our meals when we eat out ! Coyote Wild is our brand.

Tony B.
Minocqua, WI




Coyote Wild Sauce and seasoning has achieved a very difficult thing to do LAYERED FLAVORING!

Grand Marais,MN




This is the most interesting, flavorful BBQ sauce I have ever tried. The perfect blend of flavors for all types of meat. I have used the sauce on Pork, beef, chicken, and actually now use it in place of ketchup! I put it in my meatloaf recipe, add it to spice up cottage cheese, scramble eggs, and as a little added flavor to some soups. Coyote Wild BBQ sauce is truly the best I have ever had: No other brand even compares!!

Arbor Green Ct., WI



I donít like BBQ sauce and I have never used steak sauce on my steaks. I use Coyote Wild on my steaks and it is the BEST sauce Iíve ever eaten. I enjoy using it in my baked beans, meatloaf and hamburgers.

Kim J.
Grand Rapids, MN



Please donít ever stop making this sauce! We love it!

Jane T.
Hibbing, MN



We wanted to let you know that Coyote Wild sauce saved our dinner last night! We tried a new recipe for breaded chicken strips that came out really bland. We decided to add some flavor with two dipping sauces, honey mustard and Coyote Wild sauce. When dinner was done, the bowl with the Coyote Wild was wiped clean and the honey mustard was hardly touched. Thanks for making such great sauce! Weíre fans for life!

Ben & Kelly H.
Minneapolis, MN



I keep a bottle at at my desk so my work lunches donít fall flat on flavor. I love the stuff on chicken sandwiches from the dollar menu! Thanks guys!

John ďThe DonĒ B.
Big Lake, MN



I made deviled eggs and used your spice on top rather than boring paprika. I found your email on the label so I thought I would let you know how good it was. We all thought it made regular deviled eggs have a twist of taste. Loved it!

Cindy H.



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