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 WINS Grills Gone Wild!

Coyote Wild Grill Team members Kim Jahn (left) and Amber Johnson (right) took both first place and people's choice honors in the 2010 Grills Gone Wild competiton in Grand Rapids, MN. There must be something to this sauce!

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Little Did Grandma Know...

RecipesIt all started with Grandma. She ran a restaurant that people would come from miles around to eat the ribs and grandmas great sauce. Grandma gave this "sauce" recipe to my mother who would make it for our family. While dating my wife I would make the sauce and country style ribs just about every weekend for our friends. This sauce was a hit by everyone who tried it.

In 1986 I entered my first rib contest in Grand Rapids, MN and took first place. In 1989 I set up a meeting with Ken Davis. He was the popular brand of BBQ sauces on the market at that time, so I wanted to get his opinion on my sauce. After a couple of spoonfuls, he really liked it; he looked at me and said "You've got something here kid!" Then he took me to a room that was about 12X12 and was lined with rows of sauce from around the world. He said to me "I have tasted a lot of sauces, but you have something different from any sauce in this room." I asked him for advice on how to get started selling my sauce. He replied "Like I did; Out of the back of my station wagon on Highway 55!" He also referred me to a home economist. I met with her to develop the recipe and then she relocated and I wasn't able to locate her again.

I never stopped thinking about how I would market the sauce or what I would name it. In 2000, I came up with the idea of mixing the dry ingredients and giving it to our friends as gifts. All they had to do was add the ketchup. We found a company that could mix and package our spices. I took grandmas recipe and improved the flavor by using only the finest quality spices available we could find, to develop this Superior Sauce. We started selling "Northwood's Blue Ribbon Secret" BBQ Sauce mix at a few craft shows. It was a hit! Even the people who didn't like BBQ sauce loved it! We got repeat orders.

Truly it is not just a BBQ sauce, so I decided to rename the sauce and also have it bottled. After 26 years of thinking of a name - Coyote Wild Sauce was born! I love to grill and I've done many banquets, events, weddings and benefits. People love the way I do pork, beef, chicken and ribs. The highest compliment came from the father of my friend whose wedding I catered. "Bobby Flay" throw down anytime! I have also created a rib and chicken seasoning to compliment my sauce. Also in our line of products is a great steak and bloody mary seasoning.

- Dayton Jahn


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